DEGOS Dental GmbH



Very high quality transparent plastic for the production of occlusal splints and therapeutic splints. Tasteless and odourless, therefore very pleasant to wear. As a medical device class IIa, suitable for long-term use.

Further information

• Medizinprodukt Klasse IIa
• Biegefestigkeit: > 90 MPa
• E-Modul: 2390 MPa
• Restmonomergehalt: < 0,03%
• Wasseraufnahme: < 30 μg /mm3

- Bite splints
- Orthodontic splints
- Stabilisation splints

- Very high material quality
- High material homogeneity, no defects in the material
- Neutral taste and odour
- Very low residual monomer content
- Chemically pure, no plasticisers, no bisphenol